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The Nico Review: New Avengers (vol. 4)

“Professional” critics & cultural “pundits” are great and all, but what does Nico think about stuff? With The Nico Review, you’ll soon find out! In this post, he’s talking about New Avengers, vol. 4 (#1  —  #6).

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New Avengers vol. 4, #1— #6 (Words by Al Ewing, art by Gerardo Sandoval, colors by Dono Sánchez Almara, letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Young Avengers (as we knew previously knew them) are over. Kate is busy being Hawkeye alongside Hawkguy, America’s fighting cosmic threats with The Ultimates, Cassie only stopped being dead last year, and the other ones are otherwise languishing in editorial apathy. Where are you, Tommy Shepherd? Eli Bradley? And … Noh-Varr? I don’t care for Noh-Varr.


As for Billy and Teddy? They’re legit Avengers now. Not Avenger-adjacent like America, nor are they holding onto “honorary” status. Thanks to Sunspot, they’re the real deal — kinda. (They’re technically on the unofficially-sanctioned Avengers Ideas Mechanics, but that’s beside the point.)

Thanks to a bonkers creative team and an especially bonkers team, the latest volume of New Avengers has become quite a treat. Especially if you’re into psychic Cthulhu monsters, Diversity (TM) , and Squirrel Girl.